It's a black and white picture.

Floating is a dream of the past

Mesmerizing inside the cloudy tag

And waking up to feel the gentle touch

And kiss from the tender lips

A picture hanged perfect.


not to

This little bird was singing and dancing and enjoying life in its own world.

Along the way it found this new bird quite interesting and became friends and a pair.

They flew and spent days together like a couple living forever.

Just as a winter blast, the day came she kept singing and thinking her mate has gone looking for food.

Alas! Her mate was visible in those bushes in her eyes, but her mate made himself invisible for many reasons.

Tears in her eyes, she walks off and wishing him the best with whatever he wants.
She wished not to get attached anymore..



She is hungry and looks for food,

nobody cares in this world.

as nothing is free, including her own piece of Flesh.

When she is finished, she is sold

again in the name of  Life.

She is a freedom of  her own bitterness,

lonely soul  with human tolerance,

to seek redemption.


Wandering mind

Waking up, a voice inside her whispers to be gone looking for self. So much space in her body, she finds hard to keep those secrets which beholds her. The wind blows and break her silence, her body by itself is not safe as it is intoxicated with the power of heartbeat.

Breathes heavy and in silence, wakes up to find no where to go but self searching reality. Being shallow or emptiness inside the body, makes her to redefine the call she hears inside her body.. one day or that moment is last to happen.